• Design System
  • Guidelines
  • Identity
  • iOS & Android apps
  • Prototyping
  • Usability Testing
  • User interviews
  • Victor Erixon
  • Hampus √∂hman
  • Amanda Molin-Stuart
  • Bold Scandinavia

MAJORITY is the first digital banking service for migrants. MAJORITY offers a free debit card, international money transfer, international calling services, and local community events to migrants in the USA.

The brief

Majority invited fanfanfan to help enhance their design process, build up their new design system, and lead a redesign with the goal of creating a more personalized and intuitive banking experience.


Newly arrived migrants to the US are an easy target for predatory financial services. With little to no understanding of the US banking and financial services industry, combined with language and cultural barriers means that migrants often pay extortionary fees for maintaining a bank account or sending money home.

“You'll be a fan of fanfanfan! ”

Philip Mikal Chief Product Officer
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a new simplified onboarding experience with steps that make the app optimized for the individual's needs.

i am from

a beautiful card

A new and more engaging way to activate your MAJORITY card. We made it clearer how the user could activate and use their card.

Card delivery

Get paid 2 days earlier

A design that showed the user how to get their monthly paycheck deposited into their MAJORITY account and as a result get paid 2 days earlier.

get paid early

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